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Written by PR Gomez Category: Cryptography
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12-digit calculator

Some time ago, I told you how to achieve high-strength encryption with the help of a simple calculator. Later on, I told you how to remember the long numerical key that would be required by means of a catchy passphrase. Today, I'm going to tell you how to get the highest possible security with the minimum effort.

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Written by PR Gomez Category: PassLok
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PassLok 2.1 has just been released. This is a major update, which includes real-time secure chat among a host of new capabilities.

In addition, it boasts a cleaner interface, so users can do just about everything from one page.

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Written by PR Gomez Category: PassLok
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PassLok is now available on iOS, too! Like the Android version, the iOS version is based on code that wraps the original html code. The advantage is that the code is signed by Apple so users have a further assurance of authenticity. We have plans for a "pro" version featuring greater integration with the mobile OS.

Here's the link:


The Android version is at:


Written by PR Gomez Category: PassLok
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PassLok is now a Chrome packaged app, in addition to the usual server. This has a number of advantages, assuming you trust 


To get it, follow this link:


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